Yamaha VX Cruiser HO Reviews

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Yamaha VX Cruiser HO Reviews

Yamaha VX Cruiser HO Reviews welcome to out web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. The VX series has long been one of the most popular waverunners for Yamaha. The VX cruiser Ho is a new addition to the series that exceeds the high standards already set by the series. The larger engine, the new technology and the more comfort are the hallmarks of this new model. Up to three pilots are seated and certified for sports towing. All these improvements have a competitive price.

The first place Yamaha stands out from the VX cruiser Ho is in technology, so let’s start with the power plant. It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke, four-stroke, 1812 cm3 Yamaha engine. It is specially designed for marine use, unlike a 4-wheel motorcycle or motorcycle and “marines-IZING”. Built specifically for marine applications, it means that homeowners benefit from the engineering and corrosion resistance that makes the engine durable. Yamaha has connected it to a 155 m jet pump and for added convenience works on regular unleaded petrol.

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RiDE is a unique addition to personal craftsmanship. While the spring throttle trigger is in the normal position on the right hand side of the handlebar, the left handle handles a different reversing trigger. Now, on the move and with a simple left-hand grip, the VX Ho enters reverse cube reversing mode, which directs the thrust sideways and provides an immediate steering response. Remember, however, that the reverse direction is backward… left is right and right is left, and this requires habit, but it comes in. Simply use the bottom of the steering wheel to dictate backwards to the VX Ho and not upwards, and then start to gather quite intuitively.

As the VX Ho cruiser moves lengthwise and has to be stopped, simply pull the left trigger and the engine slows down the fall of the return cuvette at the same time. This allows the vessel to brake and stop the VX Ho cruiser on the shortest possible route, while remaining under control and not throwing the driver onto the steering wheel. It’s not only intuitive, it’s also safe.

But what happens if you turn it off at full standstill during a high speed race? RiDE technology adjusts braking and investment accordingly, allowing the vehicle to stop in the most efficient way while maintaining control over the vehicle. Voyage cruise, engine deceleration is moderate, driving is quicker, the deceleration is more pronounced. This is what we understand by intuition!

What happens if a new player arrives on board and catches both triggers at the same time? The RiDE electronics correctly assume that the vehicle still needs to be stopped and that it functions as if the left-hand trigger had been activated. With this technology, the stopping distance is reduced by 30% and the vehicle remains under control at all times. Again… intuitively!

We did it many times and we did not hesitate to do it. They did not fill their noses, did not leave the course, did not throw the driver out of the seat and did not throw him onto the steering wheel. The deceleration is smooth, without vibrations and without full directional control. It is a very intelligent system, and Yamaha was so intelligent that she had two patents for it.

This way, it is not only difficult to squeeze the throttle trigger to the end and allow the throttle to detach from the bottom. Sometimes, however, we don’t have to drive through any wake up zone or travel a distance to get where we want to. Holding the trigger in precise position may be awkward, so Yamaha invented Assist/no Wake cruise buttons.

A single press and three seconds after pressing the anti-Wake button will give three beeps and cruiser VX Ho will set the cruise speed to approx. 5 mph. Slow enough not to wake up, but fast enough to reach the place where we need to go and provide the steer without having to touch the accelerator. To return to normal operation, press the trigger and no wake up will be turned off.

For the same reason, increase the convenient VX cruiser Ho cruising speed and press the “SET” button, then pull the trigger completely. The cruiser assistance will switch on and maintain this speed regardless of the throttle position (if not released). You can adjust the speed gradually using the up and down arrows. This is a great feature, especially when two or more sail together.

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This contoured seat is comfortable and durable. It accommodates three with rear seat also accommodating a back-orientation observer during towing sports. And everything is upholstered with a thicker marine grade vinyl that will have to look good for the long term.

The VX cruiser Ho is fully compatible with towing sports with its capacity for three people and accommodation for a rear-facing observer. It is even compatible with those states that require rear-view mirrors to tow. As such, it makes sense that the back cover is large enough to serve as a staging area to get into the tube, and come back aboard. For those in the water, the reembarkation is as simple as turning down the reembarking step with spring load and getting on board.

Yamaha VX Cruiser HO Reviews

  • Available colors in Black Metallic
  • 1 to 3 person rider capacity
  • Glove box with dual cup holders
  • NanoXcel ultra-lightweight hull and deck
  • Cruiser seat
  • RiDE
  • Reverse in RiDE with traction control
  • Multifunction instrumentation panel
  • Dual mirrors
  • Tow hook