New 2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro: Fishing Personal Watercraft Review

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2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro Trophy modular pop-up swivel seat was initially limited to North America when it was introduced last year. Now the key feature will be available in Australia and other global markets.

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy 2023 edition will finally be available with a modular pop-up swivel seat in Australia. And it will come as standard equipment locally, rather than as an extra-cost option.

The customizable elevating seat – not available as a factory-installed item on Jet Skis or other personal watercraft to date – was launched on the flagship edition of the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy in late 2021 for the 2022 model year.

However, the availability of the pop-up swivel seat was initially limited to the North American market. Customers in Australia and other regions initially missed out on the option.

Its absence even prompted a creative Australian-made solution – a locally developed aftermarket seat post.

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro Review

The original Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy 2022 sold in international markets – including Australia – still features a dual battery setup, live bait well, larger touchscreen navigation unit, debris removal technology, and a bold silver and orange color scheme.

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro

Watercraft Zone previously speculated that the decision not to provide pop-up swivel seats in Australia and other international markets may be based on production restrictions – or legal requirements.

For rider safety, when the swivel seat is raised, the aircraft is designed to only be operated at idle speed due to electronic locking. Some in the industry feared there would be legal implications.

However, as it turns out, Sea-Doo’s corporate headquarters underestimated the huge customer demand for pop-up swivel seats.

Sea-Doo representatives this week told a global dealer event in Salt Lake City, Utah, they did not expect the modular seats to attract so much interest from potential buyers.

That’s why the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy 2023 is finally available with a pop-up swivel seat in international markets.

The standard inclusion of modular swivel seats in Australia – as well as compact ‘claw’ anchors and mounts – explains why the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy 2023 received the largest price increase in the revised model range next year.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy Australia prices have increased from $27,309 to $30,054 for the 2023 model year (up $2,745), excluding trailer and registration.

Arrival times in Australia are yet to be confirmed, however, Watercraft Zone has been advised that production of the 2023 model has commenced and the first examples will arrive in local showrooms later this year, pending delivery delays.

Customers who want the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy – but don’t want the pop-up swivel seat – may still be able to secure the 2022 model at current prices, saving $2745 in the process.

But Sea-Doo dealers in Australia vetted by Watercraft Zone say the remaining 2022 stock is limited.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Sea-Doo does not offer the pop-up swivel seat as a dealer-friendly option on older Fish Pro models. For now, it is only available as a factory-fitted item from the new.

Owners of older Sea-Doo Fish Pro models who want a raised seat have this Australian-made aftermarket option.

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2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro Specs

  • Horsepower: NEW 170 hp
  • Fuel Capacity: 18.5 gals. (70L)
  • Rider Capacity: 3

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro Features

  • LinQ Fishing Cooler
  • Fishing Bench Seat
  • Garmin Navigation and Fish Finder
  • Trolling Mode
  • Two sets of LinQ Attachment Points
  • Angled Gunwale Footrest
  • Extended Rear Platform
  • Boarding Stairs
  • Direct Access Front Storage
  • Watertight Phone Box


The most advanced sport fishing personal watercraft on the water.

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro

The FishPro Trophy 170 is the boat experience that fishing fanatics crave. Exclusive features include a Livewell, an anchoring system, a high-tech fish finder, trolling mode, and more. All are designed to provide a lifetime experience for devoted fishing enthusiasts on every trip.

Key Features:

  • iDF – Debris-Free Smart Pump System
  • Modular swivel seat –
  • Advanced battery system
  • LinQ® fishing cooler (13.5 US gal/51 L)
  • Quick connect livewell – Garmin† 7” touch screen GPS & Fish Finder – Free regional map tokens included
  • Anchor system
  • Technology Package: BRP audio – premium system & 7.8″ full-color widescreen display



  • STAY FIXED: Easy-Access Anchoring – The convenient anchoring system neatly stores the anchor in the ideal location. Easy to reach, quick to access, and easy to set up from the chair when you want to keep fishing


  • HULL TYPE: ST3™ Hull
  • iDF – Debris-Free Smart Pump System, Garmin† 7′′ touchscreen GPS & fish finder, Advanced battery system, Rear Deck Extension with LinQ®, Quick connect Livewell, LinQ® fishing cooler (13.5 US gal / 51 L), Anchor system, 5 fishing line grips, Angled gunwale footrest, VTS™ (Variable Trim System), Boarding Ladder, RF DESS™ Lock, Direct access front storage, Storage bin organizer, Watertight phone compartment, Two sets of LinQ® mounting points, Wide-Angle Mirror, Handrail with Armrest, Footwell Carpet, 2 LinQ® front struts, Cupholder, Tilt steering, Ski tow eye

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  • HIGH AND DRY: iDF Intelligent Debris Free Pump System – The ingenious iDF system allows riders to clear clogged inlets without getting wet. With the push of a button, your precious travel time is maximized.


  • ROTAX 1630 ACE – 170 HP: Thrilling power. Incredibly efficient – The Rotax® 1630 ACE™ – 170 is the most powerful naturally aspirated Rotax engine ever in a Sea-Doo boat. Plenty of top-end speed to get to the fish quickly and incredibly efficiently, and all-day fun and excitement are always in store.


  • STABLE AND PREDICTABLE HULL: Innovative Performance – The benchmark for rough water handling, stability, and offshore performance. The ST3 platform offers easy boarding, plenty of room to move around on deck, and high confidence.


  • DIRECT ACCESS FORWARD STORAGE: With a watertight phone compartment – All your gear is within arm’s reach thanks to the 25.3 US gal (96 L) front storage area, easily accessible from a seated position. Simply raise the handlebars to access all the essentials for the day’s adventures. Containers and bin organizers help with quick access items while a watertight compartment with an integrated USB port allows your devices to stay charged – fitting in the impact-absorbing watertight mount.


  • FULLY CONNECTED: Immerse Yourself – 7.8-inch full-color display with exceptional visibility and a new level of functionality. Bluetooth, USB, and smartphone app integration provide music, weather, navigation, and more. A fully integrated, waterproof 100W Premium Bluetooth Audio BRP system completes the exceptional onboard experience.

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro Price

  • 2023 Sea-Doo Fish Pro TROPHY: Starting at $19,599 MSRP on entry package, transportation and preparation costs may vary based on selection. Commodity surcharges starting at $615 will apply.
  • 2023 Sea-Doo Fish Pro Sport: Starting at $16,499 MSRP on the entry package, transportation and preparation costs may vary based on options. Commodity surcharges starting at $615 will apply.

2023 Sea Doo Fish Pro: Fishing Personal Watercraft Video