2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Top Speed

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2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Top Speed

2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Top Speed welcome to out web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. The luxury meets performance in the JET SKI Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX. This exclusive jet ski is equipped with a long list of modern features specially developed to provide you with a quick and comfortable riding experience. In terms of performance, the JET SKI Kawasaki Ultra 300LX is built around a supercharged and intercooled 1,498 cc, liquid cooled, four-cylinder engine that offers a maximum power of 300 hp. The motor is powered by a generous fuel tank of 21 gallons, which, by the way, is the largest of its kind.

With regard to the ergonomics, the JET SKI Kawasaki Ultra 300LX is equipped with a deluxe seat that can accommodate up to three people. You can also get a handlebar that is modern combines with an elegant instrument panel and a GPS integrated handlebar rack PAD. Press the jump for more information on the JET SKI Kawasaki Ultra 300LX.

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Demanding enthusiasts know exactly what they want: the perfect combination of power, handling and superior luxury. The Jet Ski® Ultra® 300LX personal offers all that and more. With manners of luxury and great power, the Ultra 300LX is a dream of every lover of PWC, if your trips include an easy walk around the lake or a vast ocean cruise.

The Ultra 300LX is the most powerful in the world of the jet pump 300 horsepower! The 1,498cc powerplant is enhanced by an intercooler supercharger with power developed by a rotor diameter of 160 mm. But it is still the ultimate luxury ride, complete with a comfortable cabin and a spacious seat built by three.

2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Specs

Specifications 300LX screams “deluxe” from bow to stern. Their special luxury features including large chrome trim, a special paint scheme and the LXury seat, a corrugated seat designed for the ultimate in comfort for the passenger and rider. Contoured for a perfect fit, the two shades of saddle is thickly padded for exceptional plushness. A GPS handlebar mounting – pad that allows the use of a variety of popular GPS devices to be mounted using hardware accessory – also is standard equipment on the Ultra 300LX.
Push and energy are the owners are looking for a more personal watercraft, and the 300LX contain a large amount of both, along with strong internal engine parts to handle all that energy and help to ensure the reliability typical of Kawasaki. Advanced technology in the form of a high-tech booster and Kawasaki electronic throttle system and the race-old derived both give the type of management of high-level hardcore fans have come to expect.

Its roots Eaton Series vortices twins (TVS) supercharger has a pair of rotors of four lobes and offers truly impressive performance in comparison with other systems of supercharger. Type Roots superchargers are known as fixed displacement units, which produce large quantities of reinforcement in all RPM, even right in front of idle speed, torque curve for a tv and usable, free passage of power to the range of revolutions. That’s a good thing.

This supercharger is capable of a smooth power delivery, due to its ability to channel the compressed air at a constant rate, instead of in waves, like other superchargers do. An intercooler cooled by liquid helps to keep the load compressed fresh intake, which stops the power steal the heat of undermining the effectiveness of the system.

There is more. The internal parts of the strong engine help the production of energy and helps to maintain the high level of reliability that you have come to expect from the Kawasaki. An oil cooler efficient helps to reduce the temperatures when the action is really hot up by sandwiching between two cooling jackets of oil. The result is the leading power in its class.

2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Performance

Control of performance of this substantial power is provided through the array of futuristic electronics 300LX, which include a very advanced digital fuel injection system controlled by a high-tech electronic control unit (ECU), the “brain” of the system as a whole. The ECU not only commands the injectors and throttle body to address a precise quantity of fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber with the help of the electronic throttle valve (ETV) system (the system that converts inputs of throttle lever in electronic signals that are then passed on to the throttle body), also allows for a multitude of other technologies. These include a wide range of horse “modes” as a way of assistance of fuel consumption (for maximum economy during slower), One-Touch 5 mph (for use in non-wake zones), the 300LX’s Handy Electronic (cruise control system to cruise at speeds constant when touring) and the operation of intelligent learning (SLO), in a way that allows new corridors to familiarize yourself with the operation of vessels and the response at a more leisurely pace. The installation also includes a screen of the digital dashboard called the horse economic indicator that shows the rider to fit the conditions are more efficient (as in planing speed, where the resistance of the hull is minimal).

Another example of advanced design is the 300LX’s Electronic Trim Control (ETC), which controls the angle of the nozzle of the injection pump of 160 mm to adjust the attitude of old to adapt to the conditions of the surface of the water and the driving style. The system has more or less the range of eight degrees, and together with the helmet, allows you to rotate faster. An advanced turbine design matches the performance of the engine, while the “horizontal” guide vanes in the grid of propulsion increase the hitch during acceleration. All of this is in addition to the models more advanced powerplant in the industry.

The race, derived from a helmet of glass fiber reinforced plastic is incredibly strong and incredibly light. The special reinforcements within help to reinforce the helmet while its overall thickness keeps the weight down. This highly maneuverable hull has a cleaning system with a design of two circuits, each of which has a cleaning port dedicated for easy maintenance. Its sharp edge radically the contours and nose trim add up to a look aggressive on the bow.

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2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Design

300LX the cockpit and rider accommodations feature a panel of high visibility instruments that offers an information screen LCD monitor and viewfinder that not only is futuristic but extremely informative. The LCD screen very readable accommodates the mentioned horse-mode displays along with a variety of other functions, such as the clock, the time, and the hour meter, digital or bar chart of the tachometer, temperature of water and air, speedometer and functions of max speed. You will always know what is what when on board the 300LX.

The 300LX is comfortable ergonomics helps to increase passenger comfort. The five-way adjustable handlebar adapts to a wide range of pilots and management styles. A wide bar allows easy manoeuvrability and makes even long rides comfortable. The two shades LXury seat offers spacious rooms for three persons and the maximum level of comfort. The ergonomic design provides all riders with plenty of space for the legs for comfort and convenience, and a lever on the left side of the nave has an ergonomic design and the operation of the headlights.

And with about 21 gallons of fuel capacity – the majority in its class – 300LX allows a lot of variety for long-distance travel. A convenient storage tray. with 54-gallon capacity is hidden under the front cover, and a double porta Drinks Soft drinks maintains only a scope of distance. The total combined storage capacity is an industry leader in 60 gallons.

Lightweight, powerful, blessed with optimal handling and characterized by the comfort and luxury rarely seen in the world of the jet, the Ultra 300LX is the latest model of Jet Ski – bar none.

2017 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Top Speed

132.7 inches
Beam length 47.0 inches
Tara 1,018.7 pounds
the four-cylinder DOHC EFI; supercharged/intercooled
1,498 cc displacement
Bore and Stroke 83mm x 69.2mm
compression ratio of 8.4:1
rated power
20.6 Fuel Capacity of 300 gal.
Combines the storage capacity of 56 gal.
Colors titanium metallic
Price $15.499