Yamaha Waverunner EX Sport

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Yamaha Waverunner EX Sport

Yamaha Waverunner EX Sport welcome to out web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. The EX Sport is the middle child in a new three-model lineup that marks Yamaha’s entrance into the so-called “Rec Lite” category, machines designed to place more focus on fun and affordability than the PWC ­industry’s typical performance offerings. The latter is obvious. At 10 feet 3 inches long, the EX is noticeably shorter — and narrower — than the 11-foot V1 that formerly held down the entry-level slot. Its upper deck is also simpler in style, with fewer angles and style lines, only basic rearview mirrors, and a no-frills saddle.

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Affordability, however, doesn’t translate to cheap. The hull and deck are made of the same ­high-compression, glass-fiber-reinforced polyester (SMC) used ­throughout the line. And though the ­dimensions may be shorter, the boat still accommodates three passengers, whether they be of the mom, dad or child variety, or exceptionally cozy adults. As to that fun factor, just take a ride. Though the boat can carve a precise turn when desired, play with your weight distribution and you can break the craft free just like the PWC of old. Power slide, anyone?

While all-new, the hull is based on the existing V1/VX platform, the basis for the best-selling line in the industry’s history. Dimensions were scaled down as a ­starting point. Further tweaking was then done to the shoulder, chines and strakes. As to the engine within, it’s a less powerful, 100 hp version of the award-winning, 1,049 cc, triple-cylinder ­TR-1 (­normally rated at 130 hp) introduced in 2016. Both the exhaust manifold and muffler were downsized and lightened. The pump bulkhead was also removed, the flywheel built into the coupler, and the pump stator and impeller housing molded as one piece. Yamaha admits the lower horsepower made much of the changes ­possible, and all result in simpler parts and welcome cost savings.

The lower-horsepower engine plays well with the craft’s 584 pounds, making the most of the 100 ponies on tap to leverage the horsepower-to-weight ratio. We noted solid acceleration out of the hole and a 50 mph top speed in humid summer conditions. The engine also proves extremely fuel-efficient, besting the former entry-level MR-1 by about 20 percent. At full throttle, that translates to burning a mere 7.9 gph. At more realistic speeds, it equates to an affordable day of fun on the water.

Yamaha Waverunner EX Sport

  • Starting at $7,699
  • Seating Capacity 1-3 persons
  • Engine Type 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine Engine
  • Fuel Capacity 13.2 gal
  • Length 10′ 3″
  • Dry Weight 584 lbs