Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Specs

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Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Specs

Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Specs welcome to out web here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. The completely customizable handlebar, or as ocean Doo calls it, flexible ergonomic heading (AES), permits the handlebar width and point to be changed in accordance with suit every single size rider. This likewise implies you can alter them to suit your riding style. In the event that you like to sit, you will have the most reduced handlebar as opposed to standing where you can put them in a higher position.

The rear sides, which give the PwC, more stability, can be moved in three different positions, freeride, sport and race. Freeride sits the side up on the sides of the hull, providing a more playful experience. The sporting position is a little lower, while the race lowers them again causing the hull to feel higher out of the water when it is running, providing a more aggressive experience and helping with lateral stability even by making tight turns to The speed.

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The X-indicators include an impulse indicator, as well as providing additional information such as time and distance at empty, upper and middle speed, RPM, lap timer and engine temperature, all of which is the practical information to have At your fingertips.

The Sea-Doo RXT-X also comes with the IControl learning key that allows PwC’s performance to be restricted when a less experienced rider is onboard. In saying that, would you let an apprentice drive your $20,000 Plus Sea-Doo? If you are going to mount something at this end of the ladder you should be beyond the learning stage and ready to snap the settings directly into Sport mode as soon as you hit the water.

Utilizing the Intelligent throttle control system while in its default setting, eco or Travel mode, the engine delivers the most frugal performance and limits RPM to reach the largest fuel economy. This setting is ideal for cruising. Then there is the sport mode, which is activated by simply holding down the sport button until it beeps, and then pressing the button again again for another beep. Sport mode offers a much more aggressive accelerated response and improved acceleration.

When it comes time to slow things down by the intelligent Break System (IBR) has covered and even helps to make the docking or return to the trailer that much easier.

Sea-Doo is really leading the way when it comes to its breaking and receding functions. Some of its closest competitors have tried to mimic the IBR system, however, Sea-Doo continues to lead the way with other offers that feel awkward in comparison.

Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Engine

The energy comes from a Rotax 4-Tech 1500cc supercharged four-stroke engine, generating superior speeds of about 120 km in the flat water. The engine can certainly be thirsty sometimes depending on how and how it is being mounted.
After a short Blat up river in sport mode, I made it jump in Echo and steered out to the heads in some rather large winter storm seas, followed by a play around in the waves before returning down the river again into sport mode To the boat ramp.
I traveled a distance of about 30 km in just over an hour and burned through only 20 liters of 98 high octane fuel. The next day we spent about four hours in the water in both modes with BoatAdvice colleague, Tegan Lawson and I mixing the driving style. We use about 35 liters of fuel.

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The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS has a Deep-v S3 helmet in a staggered design that reduces friction and helps keep it glued to the surface of the water. Even with the 60-litre fuel tank on board you will have to keep an eye on the fuel gauge. You may be thirsty depending on the way you’re riding.
Taking the RXT-X in the swell, he felt heavy in his nose at first. Being heavy on the front makes you feel like you’re going to nose dive down the face of a wave. On the way back you hit through Chop, waves and whitewater very well. At the end I was very impressed with their performance. I also had no problems with cavitation in the foam.

After spending more time in the RXT-X and playing with the variable adjustment system (VTS) I found that if I pushed all the way to the top, the weight in my nose decreased dramatically and she seemed to ride much better down the face of waves and swells.
Back in the softer water taking the VTS back to the mid-range made you feel more responsive and felt much better at takeoff. It would be a great toy to tow a trampoline or a tube pilot.

Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Performance

Not everyone can be a runner, or for that matter, he even wants to Duke and risk fiberglass and limb. But with a ship like sea-Doo’s RXT-X 260, you can still feel a lot of the adrenaline of the runner. With Bling’s performance mind, and power and handling to back it up, the RXT-X runs with the fastest ship on the market. If you really want to run, it’s more than ready. But in the meantime, you can just enjoy one of the most performance mind rides currently on the market.

The heart and soul of the RxT-X has long been the most potent sea-doo variant of the versatile 1, 494cc Rotax Engine. Driven by a supercharger and intercooler to produce great acceleration from the bottom and an equally exciting top speed, the ship arrives at the 30 mph mark in a fast 1.7 seconds and continues to pull all the way through the coveted Mark of 65 mph. With my 150-Pound light test load and a minimum amount of fuel, I routinely reach 67 mph before the electronic governor kicks in. Wait to run with the flagship competition ships as well as have a lot of horsepower in hand to transport three passengers or pull your favorite skier or wakeboarder on top of the water with ease.

The prevalent energy of RXT-X comes in brandish mode, the electronically controlled increasing speed profile that puts all the activity capability of the motor effectively on tap. The individuals who need to tame things – spare fuel, turn the ride to less experienced pilots, or mollify the unpleasant water are great reasons why you may need – you can do this by choosing the Tamer visiting mode. The most extreme speed will be the same, however you’ll have a less forceful climb to the best. Both are effortlessly changed by a catch on the handlebar. By picking a third, the modification of the Echo all the more significantly restrains the quickening bend with an end goal to spare the fuel and work with ideal productivity.

This is not the same RXT-X helmet that launched the line, but a reflection of the rather rounded rider of today. It is larger, with a deeper V that manages the harsh offshore conditions with aplomb. The waves don’t hit it from their line, or they cause moments of doubt. Instead, it is powered through a soft reentry that makes it a match for skillful and novice riders. This helmet larger, however, still carves as the smallest, most elegant RXT-X of old. Power in a corner, drop the arc via the quick-response electric adjustment, and the ship will spit it out the other side in a flash. His inspired response to the race is made even better thanks to the favored adjustment positions that can be saved and reached quickly with a simple double touch of button.

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Sea Doo RXT-X 260 RS Specs

  • Length 139.2 inch
  • 48.2 inch beam
  • Dry weight 885 lbs
  • EFI, supercharged/intercooled three-cylinder engine
  • Displacement 1,494 CC
  • Bore and stroke 100 mm x 63.4 mm
  • Compression ratio 8.4:1
  • Fuel capacity 15.9 gal.
  • Combined stowage capacity 13.7 gal.
  • Colors yellow and Hyper silver; Black and Red Viper
  • Price $15,099