2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160: The All-New Update of STX 160 Lineup

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2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 This time we know that the increase of some Kawasaki variant products is getting better from year to year and it cannot be denied that many photos have spread around us, several types of spies from STX-160. Of course, this is great for review in that the ergonomics details have improved and the possibility of the Jet sounds Kawasaki audio system at a smaller runabout, but apart from that and a few other speculative features.

last year with the launch of the completely redesigned STX platform by Kawasaki and the disclosure of three new boat levels, there is news of a ransom worthy for the king to share – all of which will surely make you highly reconsider the Kawasaki Recreation segment engine. First and foremost, Kawasaki replaces the 17-year-old STX-15F with the STX-160, STX-160X, or STX-160LX.

The Kawasaki Jet Ski 2020 line has been launched and the big news is that the popular STX160 has been redesigned with several important updates. Kawasaki STX160 has been an entry-level Kawasaki PWC for years, but it’s been a while. A new hull, together with an updated style and the addition of cruise controls, helped modernize the noble aircraft to better fit in the Kawasaki Jet Ski 2020 range.

  • NEW sleek and dynamic style
  • High-performance engine 1,498cc
  • NEW Balanced and responsive handling of the stomach
  • Comfortable riding position
  • The reverse lever is positioned on the left side
  • Slides & back seat storage lifts
  • NEW Electronic cruise control
  • Built-in Flush port

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Redesign

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Starting from the bottom up, at the forefront of change is a new fiber-reinforced plastic hull (FRP), which includes an integrated floating cell structure. Other hull updates include high-performance keel lines, bumpers that extend around the entire circumference, large rear board platform, automatic bilge siphon system, and fins mounted on the underside of the bumper designed to provide straight-line stability.

The reshaped hull is made of a lightweight gel-coat, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) that features an “integrated floating cell structure.” Sporty but intuitive, the new hull balances the old STX and Ultra.

Integrated into its shape is the Kawasaki Triple Splash Deflector which is designed to minimize spark, with aggressive traction that runs along the length of the plane and sharp-angle chines to increase straight-line stability. The new deck includes a newly expanded rear platform that is perfect for riding back and carrying larger items (such as a wakeboard or raft) with ease.

Styling also gets an update for the new year model. The height of the hull has been raised and the riding position is made more relaxed for added comfort. Kawasaki also boasts that his new chair is more comfortable than before. With the new body, fuel capacity leaps forward from 16.4 to 20.6 gallons – the largest in its class.

Ergonomically, the rider enjoys a higher and more natural riding position with more space at the knees thanks to the squeezed saddle. The seat designs vary according to their trim levels: STX-160 has one tone, simple shape; STX-160X is a sporty, black-and-silver bench with lumbar support; and the STX-160LX presents stadium-style seats that are heat-resistant and high-backed – all of which feature the Kawasaki’s new “Slide-and-Lift” rear seat, hiding 4.4 gallons of storage.

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2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Color

Three STX160 models are available in the Kawasaki Jet Ski 2020 line: STX160 base is available in Crystal White / Sunbeam Red Gelcoat, STX 160X is available in Ebony / Riptide Turquoise, and STX160LX is offered in Ebony / Candy Lime Green. Which has been equipped with a JET SOUND integrated audio system and luxury seats?

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Storage

Speaking of storage, the newly expanded bow storage grew to 30.1 gallons, as well as the newly redesigned glove box including a small waterproof compartment that is perfect for storing smartphones, while two cup holders have been printed to the top deck, right in front of the steering neck, similar to the previous generation of Yamaha FX WaveRunners.

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Panel

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All necks and steering handlebars have been redesigned with a slimmer and narrower housing, with X and LX models featuring new pistol-style handgrips and re-angled bars that taper outwards, making for a more natural driving position. The new wider rearview mirror gives the rider a wider field of view.

All STX models start a new large LCD dashboard consisting of a speedometer with a bar graph type tachometer; fuel consumption and fuel are immediately visible, such as hour meter, outboard water temperature, and external temperature, history of maximum speed, and economic driving indicators – all additions are very welcomed for 2020.

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Fuel

Kawasaki strives to make every inch of the new STX platform space usable, and by doing so the new runabout series can increase its fuel capacity from 16.4 gallons to a whopping 20.6 gallons – giving it the largest capacity in its class. Combine that with the use of the new STX from the Kawasaki electronic throttle actuation system, and you have a full day trip ahead of you.

Usually created as a “fly-by-wire,” the Kawasaki ETV (Electronic Throttle Valve) eliminates the mechanical connection between the large 60mm throttle body and the throttle trigger, which reduces fatigue during long trips, and provides a clean and fresh throttle response each time. Best of all, it allows precise cold engine control and better fuel mileage.

And be prepared to get excited, because Cruise Control comes as standard equipment on all three models. After setting the speed you want, Up / Downturns off the rider to adjust their speed to will. Likewise, all STXs include a 5-mph Kawasaki 5-touch mode so you can avoid getting up without having to touch the throttle.

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2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Engine

Finally, all JetSkis include the Intelligent Learning Operation Mode (SLO), which limits the engine rpm to 5800 rpm, reducing the maximum speed by 30 percent. Although it is a good choice for less experienced drivers, it is also a great tool for maximizing your fuel efficiency. When the Economical Riding Indicator “ECO” symbol lights up you will know when you are operating within the ideal limits for optimal fuel consumption efficiency.

The engine itself is a naturally aspirated version of the 1,498cc DOHC engine, a superior 4-cylinder 16-valve that powers the Ultra supercharged model and what is inspired by a Ninja motorcycle. Featuring a chrome-plated composite cylinder (KP), it is lightweight, durable, and quickly removes heat from the combustion chamber.

The 1.5-liter includes an exceptional semi-dry sump oil system with exclusive oil for the most sensitive bearings and dual under-piston oil jets. Likewise, the unique crankcase ventilation system prevents oil from entering the inlet if skiing is reversed. Water-cooled, double-walled exhaust manifold helps reduce noise, operating temperature, and engine compartment.

Speaking of engine compartments, the redesign also allows a much larger, more voluminous compartment, helps reduce engine temperature and gives space for conspiracy theorists to speculate whether the Eaton TVS 310X supercharger and intercooler can fit in [no comments -Ed ] some systems can clean the engine cooling path with the engine compartment closed to help reduce noise during maintenance.

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Space

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While our revelations about the Slide-and-Lift rear seat paid off, the absence of an electronic braking system was a little disappointing. Instead, the lever has been moved to the left, and the plastic inverted bucket which is injection molded using traditionally rotates manually from the “high-performance” rising plate.

Ranging between different trim levels, the LX is recorded in Ebony / Candy Lime Green, CNC color two-piece traction mats, and of course, the Kawasaki 60-watt Jet sounds system as standard equipment, consisting of 40 watts, 4-channel amplifier, audio controller, and two 30W speakers placed under the mirror.

Now connected via Bluetooth, USB port, and AUX are installed in waterproof storage in the glove box, because audio controls are integrated into the handlebar pad. The standard for all STX, a new rear handle with two handle sections for convenient re-installation, automatic siphon hull system, and Kawasaki theft preventing the immobilizer function again.

2020 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 Price

STX-160 standard-trim standards (starting at $ 9,599 – $ 100 surprisingly cheaper than the previous SX-15F) are available in Crystal White and Sunbeam Red Gelcoat while the STX-160X Jet Ski (with MSRP registered from $ 9,999)) comes in livery Ebony and Riptide Turquoise was very picking up.

Overall, Kawasaki surprised us all with the complete “white page” redesign of the STX model. While we all go to anticipate how Kawasaki will revise the longest-running runabout, the people at Big K are sure to make the right changes to unite the JetSki lineup, bring “enough” DNA from Ultras without STX to lose its soul, and introduce the ranks of the Recreation segment that is expected to pull the brand back to the fight.