2020 Yamaha VX Cruiser

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2020 Yamaha VX Cruiser

2020 Yamaha VX Cruiser welcome to our web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have a wonderful day. Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, United States of America, today introduced its 2020 WaveRunner line which includes a redesign of the luxury brand FX Series, an all-new entry-level, high-end EX model performance, and the major performance upgrades for the Yamaha GP1800R and VXR ready for racing.

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The products were unveiled at the annual meeting of the company’s dealerships to be held in San Diego, California, where Yamaha also set out its strategy to remain the brand of the fastest growing personal craftsmanship in The industry.

“The sales of personal watercraft were strong this summer, and we exceeded expectations through the board of directors, selling several of our most popular models,” said Bryan SETI, general manager of Yamaha watercraft. “With this product introduction that highlights many new features and technologies never seen before in the industry, we plan to build on our momentum and continue to provide customers with the best experiences On the water.

The best sales of Yamaha’s range of luxury nautical products are back with a brand new deck and hull design, the industry’s first color touch instrumentation, self-draining footwells and an innovative system for mounting Multiple that makes the affixing accessories to the FX a Snap. For 2020, the FX series includes five models; The Lighthouse FX Limited SVHO, supercharged FX SVHO and FX Cruiser SVHO, and FX and FX Cruiser HO normally sucked.

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The new FX series deck is aggressive and daring, with elegant flat-edged dishes and a complete look that is supercar-elegant. The new design of the hull promotes stability, predictability, and comfort in choppy water conditions. The FX series is the first personal watercraft to be equipped with a multi-color LCD touch screen.

Yamaha’s Connext® Touch screen delivers all the vital system information, custom features, and includes a new drive control technology to customize your driving experience. Drive Control allows operators to program engine speeds and acceleration curves. All 2020 FX WaveRunner models are now equipped with a new RAM® multi-mount mounting system to support a range of accessories (including RAM media).

These accessories (sold separately on all FX models except SVHO FX Limited) include ECOXGEAR® Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth® speakers and a Garmin Striker™ GPS fish detector with the transducer. You can take the speakers with you to the beach, and the Fish Finder can be removed quickly and stowed away when not in use. The FX Limited SVHO Lighthouse comes standard with two ECOXGEAR® Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth® speakers, a Garmin Striker™ GPS fish detector with the transducer and RAM® mounting hardware.

“As the flagship of the line, we’ve really been thinking about how to update the FX series to create amazing water experiences for our customers,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha WaterCraft’s WaveRunner product planner. The new touch screen puts more control than ever in the rider’s fingertips, with more detailed information and customization than any other boat in history. In addition, we know that customers like to personalize their turn, and the Multi-Mount system allows them to make their own boat their own, for the way they plan to use it, whether they are cruising, making videos, beaching, Touring, or fishing, capacity is all there.

For 2020, the most affordable series in Yamaha’s WaveRunner watercraft range now includes the most powerful and lightweight EXR of Rec Lite boats on the water today. The EXR power supply is the award-winning Yamaha TR-1® HO Marine Engine, three cylinders, which comes with a modified engine control unit (ECU) that increases the power by ten percent compared to the rest of the EX line. The EXR becomes the most affordable WaveRunner for Yamaha’s ultra-lightweight NanoXcel® 2 hulls and deck. The EXR weighs barely 540 lbs, which is 60 pounds lighter than the EX Deluxe. It also features a top loader inlet grille and a 40mm pump extension for more flexible handling and performance.

The completion of the new EXR is Yamaha’s Dual Throttle RiDE® System for exceptional handling (also available on the EX Deluxe model).

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“No one has developed a personal watercraft like the EXR,” Watkins continued. “With its combination of high performance and ultra lightweight weight, it offers the best weight-power in its class, and customers will find that it is an explosion to roll, unlike anything else on the water today.” The most sold in the industry, the best performers, come back in 2020 with improved intake grids and racing trays designed for clearer and more predictable handling in raw water.

The new intake grille has a sheet that feeds the water to the top end of the turbine to improve the propeller’s traction and keep the pump plugged in to maintain maximum thrust during shooting and in raw water. The new driving plate designed for the race is longer to reduce the elevation of the arc by accelerating rapidly. The planning surface is slightly tilted for just the right amount of rocker to give the GP1800R the right driving attitude for optimum peak speed. In addition, the edges of the planning surface help the GP1800R track more straight at higher speeds.

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2020 Yamaha VX Cruiser

For 2020, Yamaha takes the VXR to the next level with performance improvements similar to the intake grille and the bearing plate such as the GP1800R, as well as adding a NanoXcel 2 shell that dramatically reduces overall weight.

“With the 2020 performance improvements, we’ve taken designs that have been proven on the race track by the best riders in the world, and done something that customers can get out of the box,” said Watkins. “The result is a brand new character for these WaveRunners, as riders and leisure riders will find fuels their desire for ultra-high performance experiences on the water with incredible maneuverability.”