2020 Sea Doo Fish Pro Length: New Sea-Doo Fish Pro Specs and Price

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2020 Sea Doo Fish Pro Length: New Sea-Doo Fish Pro Specs and Price

2020 Sea Doo Fish Pro Length Pictures, prices, information, and specifications for Sea-Doo FISH PRO ™ 170 2020. Below is information about Sea-Doo FISH PRO ™ 170 2020. If you want to get a quote for the new Sea-Doo FISH PRO ™ 170 2020, use it. Build Your tools, or Compare this PWC with 3-4 other Passenger PWCs. To see more specs.

The Fish Pro is the first custom fishing private boat produced by Sea-Doo. The aircraft comes with a long list of standard features including navigation, charting, and fishing capabilities as well as trolling and cool-down modes that double as workstations.

The Fish Pro is a contender for those looking for an alternative to kayaking or something cheaper than a fully equipped aluminum fishing boat. Sea-Doo uses its GTX 155 PWC and adds special fishing facilities and modifications to enable Fish Pro to travel long distances and handle rough waters. This boat is a comfortable, stable, and efficient workspace for fishing.

Sea-Doo designed the ST3’s hull to handle well in rough conditions. Fish Pro’s Deep-V softens travel while cutting waves, rather than bouncing over them while the extended running surface contributes to the aircraft’s ability to track better.

The hull is also built wide and short, taking advantage of the relatively low center of gravity, which improves stability during cornering and when walking around the aircraft.

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Fish Pro has an overall length of 147 “(3.73 m), width 49.4” (1.25 m), and an estimated dry weight of 856 lbs. (389 kg). The ship is capable of carrying up to three passengers with a capacity of 600 lbs. (272 kg). Base models start at $ 14,799.

Fish Pro is powered by a single 4-stroke, three-cylinder Rotax 1503 engine that is naturally aspirated. It generates 155-horse power, displaces 1,494 ccs, and incorporates a closed-loop cooling system to keep out saltwater and dirt.

The ship has Sea-Doo Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), which gives the driver control of the jet’s propulsion. With this system, Fish Pro starts with the engine automatically in neutral without immediately pushing the plane forward. The driver can control the impeller and reverse gate manually, or select from predefined modes, which automatically correct for fuel efficiency and speed.

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Looking at the steering wheel, the 7.6 ” multi-functional digital display is right above the handlebars and shows speed, RPM, clock, water temperature, vehicle clock display, sports mode, ECO mode, trolling mode, and speed limiter.

The screen is also used to monitor and control the Variable Trim System (VTS), which allows the operator to adjust the nozzle angle, allowing the vessel to rise parallel to the water and adjusting weight distribution.

The waterproof and impact-resistant phone case hangs just below the handlebars, and there’s also the option to plug in a USB port ($ 109.99) for convenient charging. The driver can also lift the handlebars to access the 27-gallon central cargo compartment, which is equipped with a bin regulator.

Sea-Doo designed this feature to allow the operator to access this space from a seated position, which is an improvement from standing and leaning on the handlebars, although it does result in a reduction in storage space.

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In addition to the iTC modes for touring, sports, and eco, Fish Pro has an additional Trolling Mode. Similar to the no-wake or slow speed mode, which allows the operator to control the speed in increments of half a mile and miles per hour to 9 miles per hour.

The operator presses the cruise control button while advancing and adjusts the speed by pressing the appropriate arrow on the handlebars. These controls allow the operator to keep the ship moving freely, so they can twist and throw ropes or reels in the catch.

While the right-hand controls the throttle, the left-hand controls Intelligent Braking and Reverse (iBR). Squeezing the left trigger lowers the inverted bucket behind the drain to direct the flow forward, turning the boat upside down.

This feature is useful for docking, avoiding obstacles, or retreating from the shore. Sea-Doo reports that this system allows riders to stop up to 160 ‘(49 m) faster than boats without brakes.

The seat, which can accommodate three people, is designed in such a way that the driver can comfortably maneuver into side and rear-facing positions, while the angled side footwell, which has non-skid cushioning on the side of the gunwales, is deep and wide for comfort and stability.

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For Fish Pro, Sea-Doo also adds an 11.5 ” deck extension. Has a ladder going back up and the second set of LinQ attachments. This deck can be used as a casting platform, a water sports preparation area, or as storage space for additional equipment such as a second cooler or spare gas cans.

The ST3 Fish Pro hull is built to handle a reasonable cut. The deep-vee has similar characteristics to the RXP T3 Sea-Doo’s racing hull, with a 22-degree deadrise and sharp angles from keel to the midline. This makes travel more controllable as the plane cuts through the waves and helps keep the Fish Pro steady under tough steering.

While the T3’s hull featured soft chines, the ST3 used a hard chine to minimize pitching, and Sea-Doo re-profiled the strakes for straight tracking and stable control under high speeds. Midway starts a second, an offset chine that adds about an inch in width to the ship and improves stability both at rest and at high speeds.

2020 Sea Doo Fish Pro Length Fishing Special Features

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Sea-Doo has added a selection of fishing-only features to Fish Pro. This includes a water temperature gauge, which is displayed on a digital display and allows the operator to identify ideal fishing conditions while in progress.

Positioned directly behind the bench seat is the LinQ Fishing Cooler, which has a capacity of 13.5 gallons (51 L). The cooler is attached to the Fish Pro deck via the LinQ system and features a hidden work surface, storage net, multiple options for vertical and corner mount positions, trolling slots, tackle and bait storage. It comes with four-rod holders, with an option to buy more.

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 62 CV fishfinder, mounted on a bracket mounted on the right-hand mirror pod, displays charts, depth, course direction, and seabed on a 6 ” full-color display. Garmin uses CHIRP technology to produce live view, high definition images in conjunction with a transducer in a standard hull.

Sea-Doo also installed a larger fuel tank. The standard offering on the GTX 155 is a 15.9 gallon (60 L) tank, but the Fish Pro will carry up to 18.5 gallons (70 L) of fuel.

2020 Sea-Doo Fish Pro Length Price

2020 Sea-Doo FISH PRO™ 170 iBR® with $18,499.00

2020 Sea-Doo Fish Pro Length Main Feature

  • Garmin Echo Map Plus 62 cv Fish Finder
  • The transducer in the stomach
  • 11.5 “deck extension
  • ST3 Hull
  • Trolling mode with nine preset speeds
  • Seating for three people
  • 18.5 gallon (70 L) fuel tank
  • Ski crane blades