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Sea Doo Spark Trixx Price Canada

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Sea Doo Spark Trixx Price Canada

Sea Doo Spark Trixx Price Canada welcome to out web here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. With a light and funny look, Sea-Doo’s spark is a natural fraudster. The new Trixx model increases free style navigation with a few modifications to offer the full potential of the craft. The emphasis is on Sea-Doo’s variable electrical trim, more than twice the range of motion of the nozzle for the Trixx.

Pivoted to its maximum 17-degree upward setting that also allows novice riders to put the craft into a wheelie with minimal throttle input. From there, tricks will expand into old-school downhills, sky-high hops, broncolike nose stitches or whatever the driver invents the imagination. A manually adjustable handlebar sits 3 inches higher than on the standard spark to increase the driver’s leverage over the craft. Open the bike style quick release and the aluminum bar stem can be extended an additional 3 inches. Add a pair of angled, 60-degree wedges at the base of the foot space to keep the driver in contact with the machine when it points to the sky, and you’ve got the building blocks for the most playful ride you’ll find in the personal-water vehicle market.

However, the Sea-Doo spark Trixx is not a one-trick pony. Beyond these extras, it is still a classic spark, a combination of innovative features that brings together a new enthusiast who buys a new machine and greatly reduces the entry price to the PwC property. Lightweight, Polypropylene and Fiberglast are the result of Polytec, a durable composite of Sea-Doo registered as a good alternative. The matt surface of the material loads strong colors such as the Trixx’s Candy Blue (teal) and chili pepper (red). The light weight of the hull and deck also allows the use of a lower horsepower, lightweight engine, maintaining the power of the Trixx enclosure, the 90 hp Rotax 900 Ace Ho. Pushing Sea-Doo to a respectable 48 MPH. Acceleration can be gently changed gently with a button below the minimalist information display in the instrument cluster.

A remarkable extra greatly increases the versatility of the boat. Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Brake & Reverse (IBR) combines a modified reverse bucket electronically with a handlebar-mounted control lever. Deflecting the water leaving the pump allows the vehicle to switch in neutral and seamlessly between forward and backward. Activating IBR at speed acts as a brake, quickly slows down the craft.

Sea Doo Spark Trixx Price Canada


  • Fuel capacity: 7.9 US gal. / 30 l
  • Length: 110 in. / 279 cm
  • Width: 46 in. / 118 cm
  • Weight (dry): 422 lb. / 192 kg
  • Storage capacity: 0.42 US gal. / 1.6 L (Glove box) and 7.42 US gal. / 28 L with opt. Front Storage Bin Kit


  • Type: Rotax® 900 HO ACE™
  • Intake system: Naturally aspirated
  • Displacement: 899 cc
  • Cooling: Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
  • Reverse system: Electronic iBR®
  • Starter: Electric
  • Fuel type: 87 octane


  • $7,299 (with test power)