Kawasaki STX-15F Specs

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Kawasaki STX-15F Specs

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Aggressive rotary and high speed stability are key performance characteristics of the STX-15f have a Specially designed injection moulded sponsons have a molded just for increased corner grip and high speed monitoring.

STX-15f PwC also buys help tanks for the Kawasaki Smart Steering ® (CSR ®) system. The CSR uses a microprocessor connected with a steering sensor. When the handlebar is fully opened in both directions and the motor RPM falls below a specified setting – for example, when the gas is released at the speed-the microprocessor activates the system to enable RPM to raise and push to maneuver. In addition, a mold Kawasaki splash deflector (KSD) is included into the Hull to help minimize spray on the invaders.

The muscular and aggressive looking STX-15f, which is available in a ebony and lime green color, can be lighter and compete some more compact, but its wide driving position facilitates access to a rider range of sporty performance rider

Kawasaki STX-15F Facilities

The 2017 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 15f is a 1498cc, water cooled (open Loop), in-Line, DOHC, 4-stroke engine equipped with a 3 passenger-style personal nautical vehicles. It has a 3-Blade stainless steel wheel and has a 160hp. Jet Ski STX 15f Direct Drive transmission. This Jet Ski STX PwC weighs 844.5 lbs. Jet Ski was introduced in STX 15f 2004 and deferred to 2017. This includes a 12-month limited warranty.

The Jet Ski STX 15f engine contains an impressive 10.6:1 compression ratio of electric start-up. The fuel capacity is 16.4 gallons. The Jet Ski STX 15f is 122.8 inches long, 46.5 inches wide and 41.3 cm long. There is a-180503-trim system. This 3-passenger PwC $9699. This is Kawasaki’s personal marine vehicles from the STX line. It is recommended to operate the PWC minimum age-10020-.

Kawasaki STX-15F Performance

Performance bargain has the heart of the marine vehicles Nnnja! While other models offer a good Bang for Buck, many personal marine vehicles boast tremendous performance and State-of-the-art features, if you are willing to compromise some aspects. However, Kawasaki Jet Ski ® STX ®-15f is a marine vehicle that does not compromise performance for value.

Kawasaki STX-15F Engine

STX-15f proudly carries the heart of a Ninja ® motorcycle. Kawasaki’s class-leading Ninja ZX ™-14r Sportbike, 1, 498cc Engine delivers very low and medium-range torque while generating an impressive 160hp ².

The engine combines the best of both worlds by delivering rapid performance with excellent fuel economy and low emissions. In fact, the STX-15f California Air Resources Board has gained a three-star ultra-low emission rating and meets the strictest standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Double overhead camshafts, four cylinders per valve and digital fuel injection provide maximum performance and reliability. A large 60mm gas body with four injector fuel injection system delivers quick reactions to driver inputs. The STX-15f’s four-stroke engine is fitted with rubber and performance tuned exhaust to isolate vibration as well as a large capacity airbox.

Kawasaki STX-15F Specs

  • Body design is sensitive to all skill levels
  • Large rear deck car offers plenty of room for your ship
  • Kawasaki Smart Steering ® System helps in marine vehicles, when the gas is quickly released at high speed, they helpnew riders learn how to maneuver a marine vehicles
  • The Smart Learning process (SLO) mode allows new riders to be familiar with Jet Ski ® Marine Vehicles
  • Msrp: $9,699