2021 Sea doo Wake Pro 230: The Next-Gen Wake Pro 230 Specs Review and Price

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2021 Sea doo Wake Pro 230 It’s not just flashy colors and splashy features that set the new Wake Pro 230 Sea-Doo apart, even though this three-person boat ticks the box. No, the original on the crane is sleek and means this is a new platform that provides increased performance while enhancing comfort, convenience, and control for the rider.

The hull of the new ST 3 is 3 inches shorter and 1 inch wider than the previous hull, with a sharp entry, deep V shape, and wide chines for improved handling and stability.

Sea-Doo says the base is built to withstand large waves and track reliably in heavy water, which would come in handy on days when boat traffic or strong winds on the Lake. Consider the lower seat and deeper footwell, and riders can expect better balance during cornering as well as when preparing or climbing back up.

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By the way, the 27-gallon arc storage compartment opens only by raising the handlebar assembly. This eliminates the need to stand up and reach as far forward as in other models. Inside the compartment, you will find a waterproof and shockproof “phone case” with an optional USB socket/charger.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the 100-watt onboard stereo, click play, and get ready to be the envy of every other PWC owner in your bay. The sound system features external controls and a pair of speakers mounted on either side of the steering wheel.

The new re-boarding ladder is wider and deeper than the old one, making it easier to get out of the water and onto large swimming platforms. Veteran riders will appreciate the higher crane point of the new LinQ Pylon Ski, which has a handle for lookouts and can be attached or removed in about 30 seconds.

Other available LinQ accessories include a 4.2-gallon cooler, 4-gallon fuel container, and a 5.5-gallon dry bag (some of which work together, others don’t). The wakeboard shelf provides convenience and can also be removed when not needed.

Another innovative design element: The Ergolock seat can quickly change from a three-person bench to a face-to-face “room” configuration that includes a flat area for drinks or other equipment when the boat is stopped. Or the back of the seat can be removed completely to enlarge the stern deck/swimming platform.

This feature, in addition to the aforementioned LinQ accessories, actually lets users customize the Wake Pro 230 based on their plans for using it – exploring, wakeboarding, hanging out at the bay for the afternoon, whatever!

The Wake Pro 230 is powered by a supercharged 230 horsepower Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine which, according to Sea-Doo, can reach a top speed of 65 mph. Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with Ski Mode allows the rider to choose from five acceleration profiles for the best launch, with additional modes for Touring, Sport, and Eco (economy).

Last but not least, the third-generation Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system lets you slow down with a brake lever pull and move forward, neutral, and reverse with both hands on the handlebars.

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Some personal boats achieve a high level of custom-made functionality and worry-free versatility. For that, and for the heart-pumping thrill of the Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 promise, we all need to be excited.

If we compare the two Wake models, the first and foremost difference is that they both have different hulls. While the Wake 170 comes with the new GTI (Polytec) hull, the Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 still has the reputable ST3 hull.

This design is evident in several high-performance models such as the GTX family, RTX-X 300, and the legendary Fish Pro. According to the manufacturer, it is currently the best offshore hull from Sea-Doo.

It’s reliable and stable, even if you drive with passengers. Also, the ST3’s hull is still made of fiberglass, which is used for the manufacture of many PWC models, even today.

Another super cool feature of the ST3’s hull is the direct-access front storage, which means you can open it by raising the handlebar assembly.

Unlike competing models, this Sea-Doos allows access to front storage right from the seat. If you’ve ever wanted to achieve front storage in open water, you probably know how important this discovery is.

Unfortunately, only the Wake Pro 230 has this feature, as the Wake 170 comes with a different, but time-tested (GTI) hull. Comparing capacity, the Wake 170 offers 40.2, while the Wake Pro 230 offers a storage capacity of 25.3 gallons in the front bin.

If you look at the performance of the Wake series you can see, as the name suggests, that the Wake 170 makes 170 HP, while the Wake Pro 230 is powered by a more powerful 230 HP power source. However, while both They are 1630cc, 3-cylinder, 4- engines not Rotax, the Wake Pro 230 gets a supercharger, while the Wake 170 is naturally aspirated.

Like many other supercharged Sea-Doo models, the Wake Pro 230’s top speed is around 67 mph, depending on weather and weight factors. This higher performance means higher fuel consumption, which is why the Wake Pro 230 has a larger fuel tank with a capacity of 18.5 gallons (70 l).

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Unfortunately, the full storage space is smaller than in Wake 170, which is only 26.1 gallons.

  • MODEL TYPE 3-4 Passenger
  • BASE MSRP(US) $14,899.00
  • ENGINE TYPE Longitudinal In-Line
  • ENGINE STROKE 4-Stroke
  • DISPLACEMENT (CC/CI) 1630 / 99.4
  • CARBURETION TYPE Fuel Injected
  • LENGTH (FT) 11.32
  • WIDTH (IN/MM) 49.4 / 1255
  • HEIGHT (IN/MM) 44.8 / 1137
  • DRY WEIGHT (LBS/KG) 809 / 367
  • FUEL CAPACITY (GAL/L) 18.5 / 70
  • STORAGE CAPACITY (CUFT/GAL/L) 4.1 / 26.1 / 98.9

2021 Sea doo Wake Pro 230 Price

Are you wondering how much these amazing watercraft costs? When it comes to the Sea-Doo Wake 2021 price tag, the Wake 170 costs as low as $ 12,199, while you can buy the Wake Pro 230 for $ 14,899 (USD, MSPR).

The Sea-Doo Wake 2021 model is a great watercraft, but before you make your final buying decision, quick market research can’t hurt.