2018 Sea Doo GTI SE 155

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2018 Sea Doo GTI SE 155

2018 Sea Doo GTI SE 155 welcome to out web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. A new GTX/RXT helmet and deck, an innovative storage access, a modular seating design, and even a Bluetooth audio system highlighted the launch of the 2018 Sea-Doo model. In other parts of the lineup, however, some adjustments and innovations continue to appear. This is more than we have obtained from the launch of product 2018.

It is in fact a new spark for Model 2018, a variation of three passengers The Parlor Trixx. What some negative points the hypothesis would be hardly more than a tip, the parlor Trixx really shows very popular in 2017, so it is logical that the parlor Trixx-ster now receives the same choice of three high available regularly to sparks. Sparks in general receive also a mix-and-match game of colors. New variations: vanilla and blueberry, pineapple and caramel blue, or the liquorice and mango for glow of ordinary, models and chili pepper mixed with Orange Crush or parlor Trixx chewing gum for models.

Like the popular models of Trixx in the ‘ 17, the GTS, GTI and GTI are still combining a Polytec helmet down with the 90hp Rotax ACE 900 engine, but with new color combos. The white and blue of the reef decorate the low GTS and GTI models, while the one is offered an option of the black and orange or blue dawn of the metallic and grey beach of lava. As in the last year, this latest model can be equipped with the 130 or 155-horsepower Rotax 4-Tec and feature either the Polytec or traditional FMC helmet.

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Sea-Doo performance-oriented GTR-X and RXP-X both return with what we have come to consider the RXP-X top cover, but the change comes in the form of a new handlebar configuration that is suspiciously seen as the adjustable height column of the spark TriXX. With 3 “Vertical adjustment range, the new setting gives the rider more leverage over the ship than the previous handlebar settings. The control levers have also gone the dinosaur way, and now they are flat tactile pads.

More comfort and comfort during family fun days
Enjoy intelligent and reverse brake (IBR) and many convenience features such as a traveling seat, a reloading scale and a variable setting system (VTS). Also, choose from 3 engine options, including the Rotax 900 Ho ACE fuel efficiency.

Features can include:
Choose your Power
3 engine Options
Choose among one of the three proven Rotax engines all by offering reliability, fun performance and fuel economy; The Rotax 900 Ho ACE with a maximum speed of 42 mph (77 km/h) the Rotax 1503 with a maximum speed of 52 mph (84 km/h) and the Rotax 1503 na with a maximum speed of 55 mph (88 km/h).

Add even more versatility
Convenience features
This model comes standard with 30.8 US gal. (116.6 L) of storage space, a travelling seat, a reshipment scale and additional gauge functions (fuel consumption, clock).

Stop before and dock easily
Intelligent brake and reverse (IBR)
recognized by the United States Coast Guard to improve the safety of ships that from 2009 and now in its third generation, the exclusive system of the IBR (intelligent and reverse) of SEA-DOO It allows to stop up to 160 feet (48 m) * before that the boat does not use a brake. With the two hands on the handlebar, jumpers can engage in forward, neutral and reverse to maneuver without concern, stable at low speed.

Hone the attitude of your art
Variable adjustment system
Adjust the angle of the highest boat tip (for better stability at high speeds) or lower (for towing and fast starts) depending on rider preference, water conditions and number of passengers.

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2018 Sea Doo GTI SE 155

3 modes that suit your riding style
Intelligent Throttle CONTROL
Choose how you want your power delivered thanks to the different driving modes, such as tourism, sport and eco-available through your digital boat Information Center.

An exclusive Sea-Doo
Closed-circuit Cooling system
This technology prevents the entry into the motor of corrosive salt water and damage to the waste, for greater reliability and tranquility.

Adjust the pace and protection
Anti-Theft security system and learning key IControl
A digitally-encoded security system unique to your boat that serves as an effective deterrent to theft. The learning key also limits the speed for beginners.