2017 Gibbs Quadski

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2017 Gibbs Quadski

2017 Gibbs Quadski welcome to out web jetskitopspeed.com here we have best all think information like as: review, specs, price, top speed and horsepower. Hope you enjoy it have wonderful day. The variant XL range Quadski, shares all the attributes standard mechanical however is longer in the wheel base leaving room for one passenger in the rear seat. It is still able to reach speeds of 45 km/h both on land and in the water, however, its larger size and payload capacity, opens up a whole new area of potential utility and commercial applications. $40,000 in the fun of amphibians is not going to be cheap, but if we believe that the two vehicles in one, perhaps the pricetag seems a little less intimidating. Although there have been other amphibious vehicles, none have been able to reach speeds of up to 70km/h both on land and in the water.

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“Just go straight in the water, pretty fast, and move forward. It is something of magic,” says the founder of the company, Alan Gibbs. “We are going to respond to how the market evolves … we would not be doing without being convinced that people love it,” he says. It is powered by a BMW K1300 104kW motorcycle engine, which operates the rear wheels on the ground; when it is placed in the water takes only 4 seconds to put the wheels. The Quadski then sits on his helmet made of fiber glass and uses a jet of water from the house to give it a boost.

To 3.2 m long and 1.6m width is longer and heavier than a conventional ATV; the dry weight – forgive the pun- is 535 kg. The company is also working on larger models, which could also have military applications. Gibbs Sports amphibians was founded 16 years ago and since then he has reportedly invested more than US$200 million in the project, the construction of nine prototypes and register more than 300 patents. It is the first amphibious vehicle developed by the company — The Aquada amphibious vehicle of high speed above claims speeds above 160 km/h and 50km/h on the water.

It was used by Sir Richard Branson to set a new record: 1 hour 40 minutes – to cross the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. The company has also developed the Phibian 4WD – which can carry up to 12 passengers or cargo 1500Kg and is designed primarily for military applications in mind.

Also at the stage of development is the Humdinga II, supercharged V8 4WD vehicle that can hold up to seven and is also a vehicle designed with emergency services in the mind. The Quadski amphibious vehicle will be done in the company manufactures of Michigan (formerly a Daewoo plant). The company aims to sell as many as 1000 a full year (at a rate of production of 20 vehicles per day) is set in motion.

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2017 Gibbs Quadski

ModelQuadski CodeQUADSKIXL XLModel ManufacturerGibbsModel
MaterialCompositeHull ColorCamo Hull TypeOther body


  • length of 140.2. (3,560 mm)
  • wheelbase: 82.3. (2,090 mm)


  • 53. (1.345 mm)
  • – 8.6. (215 mm)


  • Wide
  • 62.5. (1,587 mm)
  • track – 55.5. (1,410 mm)
  • WeightCurb – 1,437 pounds (652 kg)


  • fuel type98 RON. unleadedCooling premium plus
  • on the Water – Closed Loop and heat exchangers of open loop
  • on the ground – Closed Loop
  • EngineBMW K1300cc 4 times in 4-cylinderHorsepowerOn water line – 140 hp (105 kW)
  • x offset career ccBore
  • LubricationDry1,29380 x 64.3 mm sump
  • system operating SpeedLand / Water – up to 45 person mphSeating2